Build It Yourself: Cyclone Dust Collector

Over at Lumberjocks you can peruse a ton of user submitted projects. Most of them are woodworking. Some masterpieces and some questionable but all home grown.
This homemade cyclone dust collector caught our eye as it’s a unique problem solving tool that many builders would love to have in their shop. Basically it acts as an intermediary between the vacuum canister and the end of the hose. The sawdust is deposited in the bucket and therefore the vacuum doesn’t lose power as it fills up and the bucket has a higher volume before it is filled.
Here’s what the inventor said of his diy concoction:

I was really tired of cleaning my shop vac every other day and as my vac started filling up the suction would go way down. I looked at all the solutions out there I determined that the cyclone units were better than the bags and filters. The problem is they are all so expensive, and I’m on a real budget. So I decided I would try and make my own… That was the best decision ever! I went to my local home store and bought some 2″ PVC and an 8″ x 24″ piece of duct and made my own…

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