Buying a Rental: Bring in the Pros

The 3rd and final step before buying a rental: Bring in the Pros
One of the more enjoyable aspects of these job walks has been learning from the pros. Sure, I fancy myself knowledgeable about many aspects of home improvement and commercial construction, but it takes a lifetime to accumulate trade knowledge like the pros. They are, after all, pros.
When we go to purchase a property, I’m always bringing them along. My roofer, HVAC guy, electrician, plumber and sometimes flooring sub are all key members of our team. I enjoy sitting back and listening as they discuss the intricacies of their individual trade. They offer great advice and really help me effectively assess the project scope and budget.
Who is on your team? What are your lessons from looking at properties in the past?

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Step 1 – Thorough Inspection
Step 2 – Speak Loudly and Carry a Big Stick
Next week I hope to share more from my crazy investment double-life. Stay tuned!

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