Calibrating a Tape Measure

Tape measures are an indispensable tool and absolutely necessary for completing accurate work. But as simple as they are they also require calibration and maintenance. This video from Fine Homebuilding shows you how to keep your tape measure accurate and some tips in measuring in space and at longer lengths.

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  • Ilya Borovich

    Thanks for this tip. I notice that my tape measures are different from one another and I fix them using the t-square, won’t do that anymore.

  • There is now a tool available to help you check the accuracy of your tape measure and keep it accurate as long as the rivets aren’t worn out. It will check both the push and the pull measurements. They also have good tips on their web site about things to check for that may cause your tape to read inaccurately.
    The tool is called a Lixer and it is available at