Caring For Your Motorized Lawnmower

With the weather warming up and the days getting longer, I think it’s pretty safe to say spring is here (at least the calendar says so!) and with better outdoor conditions comes more maintenance of our outdoor space.
I stumbled upon this how-to guide via my Twitter stream and thought I’d pass these little nuggets of knowledge your way.
As someone allergic to grass (and most things that grow out of the ground) I’ve never been one behind the wheel — or handles, as it may be — of a lawnmower, so this information was not only news to me, but pretty informative as well.

Here’s the basics of the article:
1) Keep the mower clean — including the blades (but only clean when it’s NOT RUNNING!)
2) A couple of times a year, give it more than just the once over — really get your hands dirty making your mower not dirty.
3) Clean or replace the air filters at least once, if not twice a year.
4) At the end of the mowing season, run your gas dry and store empty. At the beginning of the season, change it’s oil.
5) When you change the oil (once a year), change the spark plug.
6) Keep the blade sharp so it doesn’t butcher your grass.
Now, I have one of those manual, rotary mowers, so while I may not have to change oil or spark plugs, things like keeping the mower clean and keeping the blades sharp apply just as well.
Do you have any tips or tricks to keep your lawnmower going year after year? Share in the comments and try to convert me from my engineless mower stance.
photo: qwrrty

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