Cash In on Old Electronics

old-cell-mobile-phone.jpgOld electronics are easy to toss in the curbside bin, but it is not a responsible way to dispose of the toxic materials. E-cycling can be difficult because you have to research precisely how to get rid of your discard and where you can take it for proper disposal. But it’s the environmentally correct method, so it has to be done.
Unfortunately, without incentive, many people don’t recycle electronics like they should. Luckily, Radio Shack has stepped up to encourage e-cycling. At the Shack’s site, you can trade in your old electronic, from camcorder to computer for a Radio Shack gift card. You don’t have to go anywhere, Radio Shack provides free shipping and will send you a gift card. Depending on the condition of your item, and whether or not it is functional, will help increase the amount you get back, which can vary from a few bucks to a couple hundred.

Seems like a sweet deal. Not only do you save the environment from toxic materials like lead and mercury, you get a new something special for your trouble. And of course, e-cycling saves energy, pollution and resources.
photo: MRBECK

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