Celebrity Homes That are Letdowns

I don’t know about you but when I see a celebrity on the cover of Architectural Digest, allowing us into their home, I expect to be blown away. I guess I just assume that if I had an unlimited budget, my home would easily “wow”.
Since Arch Digest seems to be pimping out the Bounty Hunter (first Jen’s pad – now Gerard’s) I was excited to see how the famed bachelor lives.
I was underwhelmed by his dark and semi-dreary home . I guess I expected sleek stainless steels, graphite walls and maybe a bear skin rug by the fire. A chandelier? In the kitchen? Come now Gerard…

Do you think we expect too much from celebrity homes? I think I was a little too hard on the guy for expecting to be blown away. Besides, it seems like most of my favorite pads are ones from real people with small budgets.
What about you? Have you ever seen a celebrity home that legitimately blew you away?
Photo: Architectural Digest

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