CES 2010 Home Security Highlights

The Consumer Electronics tradeshow in Las Vegas is a lot to take in and although the gadgets and audio/video components are really the heavy hitters, we did find some jewels that may be helpful for homeowners looking to setup a home security system.
Archerfish Video Monitoring
This video monitoring system is smart enough to look for specific events you define while filtering out video you don’t need. It’s motion based and will anticipate events and alert you to your mobile device if something unexpected is detected.
Skylink Home Security
Nothing revolutionary here but they offer a household kit that includes a garage door monitor, motion sensors and water alerts (in case a pipe bursts or there is flooding of any kind). The system is wireless and operated by rolling code which creates a new security code each time the system is turned on and off which makes it tougher to hack. There is also no monthly monitoring fee.
Dakota Alert
This wireless alert system is perfect for homeowners who live on large properties. The wireless motion detector can sense a person or vehicle from about 50 feet away and will send a signal back to a receiver up to 1/2 a mile away.

KJB Security – Self Recording Devices
These products verge on the spy side but are fun. KJB offers a slew of self recording devices and one of our favorites was this lighter camera that holds 4 gigs of video.
We’ll have more updates tomorrow with a focus on home audio and home theater. Follow us on Twitter @Charles_Hudson for the latest.
photo: Husky

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