C&H Best of CES 2011

CES was amazing this year. If you ever get the chance to attend, go! The energy was up and the size of the displays and booths were bigger than ever. There were a ton of ground breaking products launched but many of the best were refinements on previous products.
Themes from the show included: Advancements in 3D gaming, 3D personal cameras, LED televisions (most with 3D capabilities), Kinect Virtual Gaming and Connected Home Appliances.
Kenmore Connect
We mentioned the Kenmore Connect appliances as a must-see at the show and after getting a demo from Kenmore, this is definitely the future of home appliances.
Imagine your appliance goes on the fritz but can self-diagnose and communicate directly with a service tech. That’s what Kenmore Connect is going for when their line of products launch in 2012. These appliances will also give you control of operation via your smart phone. While they don’t condone this, you’ll be able to turn on your oven remotely and if timed right you’ll have dinner ready by the time your home.
Sony 3D Bloggie
The popular Bloggie which is a direct competitor to the Flip Camera has been upgraded this year and Sony will offer it in a 3D version. It’s got two lenses on the front which record the action and otherwise it functions just like the current bloggie. You can view the 3D movies on YouTube with any basic 3D glasses or through your Sony TV with Sony glasses.
Polaroid 300
The instant camera is back and the Polaroid 300 produces business card size photos that develop just like the old cameras you remember. For $89 you get the camera and film is $9.99 for 10 prints. (shown above)
Marley Headphones
The booming booth next to Samsung was the party at Marley Headphones. Not only were attendees gathered to enjoy the live music but exhibitors from nearby booths were taking breaks at the Marley display. Apparently the Marley family has licensed their name to a headphone manufacturer and they’ve actually created some sharp looking headphones that are also comfortable and sound great. Our favorites was the leather banded model. Or maybe that’s hemp banded?

Samsung Galaxy Tablet
The hype surrounding the well-documented Galaxy tablet is worthy. We really enjoyed the size which is slightly smaller than an iPad and narrow enough which allowed us to type iPhone style with our thumbs. The menus and apps opened quickly and the screen was clear and bright, albeit a bit smudgy.
Nail Machine
Can’t remember the name of the manufacturer but this machine from China will take a design of your choice and using standard color printer ink will place it directly on your nails. It’s $3000 and not sure how long the “polish” will last but it’s a cool concept.

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