Chalk It To Me

I never really got on the chalkboard craze bandwagon, but ever since Hudson Paint introduced their palette of 20 colors, I think I’m a convert. At $25 a quart, I’m having trouble trying to decide where I want to try out it out.
On the inside of my kitchen cabinets where I can post nightly recipes? On a table where guests can doodle sans paper and crayons? Or maybe just as a mini mural in the bathroom where I can gently remind me boyfriend to use the bathmat.
Here are some great chalkboard ideas I spotted around the blogosphere.

By stylist Raina Kattelson over at Design*Sponge
An awesome wall calendar from Martha Stewart
A chalked-out Ikea Lack table from Fine Diving Chicago
An amazing dining room border from Apartment Therapy San Francisco
Have you tried Hudson Paint’s chalkboard paint? Send me your project ideas puh-lease!

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