Chinese-Made Drywall May Not Be the Only Culprit

As the Consumer Products Safety Commission probes deeper into the tainted Chinese drywall issue they’ve also discovered that a small number of homeowners are reporting American-made drywall is causing some of the same problems: a sickening, sulfurous stench and corroded pipes and wiring.
“We are not limited in the scope of our investigation to just Chinese drywall,” said Scott Wolfson, spokesman for the Consumer Products Safety Commission.
As mainstream media continues to focus on Chinese made drywall, specifically Knauf plasterboard, there are now numerous reports and studies that have been conducted on American made drywall from companies such as National Gypsum and Georgia-Pacific. The ratio of gypsum to cellulose (an organic compound) has been found to be 50/50 when it should be mostly gympsum.
These studies are ongoing and the CPSC continues it’s investigation. There have been a few lawsuits filed against these American companies and we’re sure the results of the CPSC investigation will have a bearing on that.
We will keep you posted.
[via Yahoo! AP]

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