Chinese Drywall Saga Continues

We’ve been following the toxic Chinese drywall story this past year and a Federal investigation from the Consumer Products Safety Commission just released a report stating,
“a strong association exists between chemicals contained in Chinese drywall installed in thousands of homes at the height of the housing boom and electrical problems in those homes.”
“drywall is a possible cause of respiratory problems reported by homeowners, brought on by hydrogen sulfide gas emitted from the imported drywall in combination with formaldehyde, which is common in new homes.”
As proof of this connection builds it becomes more apparent that proper blame should be assigned and homeowners who have suffered with this be rightly compensated.
2100 Homeowners mostly in Florida, Louisiana and Virgina have filed complaints ranging from a rotten eggs smell to respiratory problems and other health issues. There are so many factors involved that have created this perfect storm but the introduction of the toxic dryall seems to be the lynchpin.

Not all Chinese made drywall is toxic and investigators are headed to manufacturing plants in China to determine the cause and Chinese officials will be doing in home visits in America.
We hope this situation is settled without becoming too politically charged and keeping the health of homeowners at the core of the solution.
[via New York Times]
photo: J Pat Carter/AP

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