Christmas Tree Rental Lets a Tree Keep on Giving

Here’s a real life instance of The Giving Tree, one of our favorite childhood books, in action.
If artificial trees aren’t your thing and you just don’t feel right using real cut trees, then consider renting a tree this year. There are companies across the country that can help.
Typically you select your tree online and they will ship and pickup the tree size and type of your choice. When you’re done the tree lives on and is ready to celebrate Christmas again with a new family the following year.
We’re looking at Living Christmas in Torrance, CA. The prices are in line with purchasing a cut tree and one major benefit is that it won’t dry out before the season is over. We love decorating early but always have a problem of fighting against dry needles. With a live tree it should stay fragrant and moist the entire season.
Here are some other Christmas tree rental companies across the country, courtesy of Apartment Therapy.
If you decide to buy a tree to re-plant, check out this tree buying guide from Sunset that will help you with your decision based on the zone you live in.

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