Label Your Circuit Breaker

Circuit Breaker Box

We all know how important circuit breakers are to keeping your appliances and lighting safe from surges, but with a bit of foresight you can make sure that the next time the power goes and you suspect it’s the breaker box you’ll know exactly what to do.

It’s important that you map out and label each circuit breaker. When a breaker trips you won’t need to fumble with the main switch or each breaker because you’ll be able to isolate the breaker for each room or section of your home. You can then determine what caused the breaker to trip. Did you just plug in an appliance? Turn on the dishwasher? Was the microwave on at the same time as the blender? Before resetting the breaker, identify and turn off the offending appliance then switch the breaker off and then back on. The circuit should now be restored.

If your breaker keeps tripping or you hear a buzzing noise coming from the breaker it’s time to call in an electrician. There could be a direct short in the wiring.

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