Considering Wind Energy? Read on for the Facts

Exploring alternative energy sources is an important issue our society is facing but as a homeowner what can you do now to reduce your energy bill and possibly even get off the grid?
Solar power is one of the more common sources of alternative energy but another natural source albeit more difficult to harness is wind.
The OldHouseWeb explores the reasoning behind wind energy as a viable alternative and if it is right for you.
If you don’t plan on moving anytime soon the cost-benefit to wind energy is a favorable ratio.

Cost and Benefit
Installing a wind turbine is pricey, often over $10,000, although you can recoup up to 30 percent of the cost via the recently enacted tax credit. Once installed, wind turbines generally cut electric bills by at least 50 percent and often by as much as 90 percent. Because of these savings, wind turbine systems typically pay for themselves in six to 15 years, and are designed to last for at least 20 years, with relatively low maintenance.

photo: tswind

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