Contractors as Kitchen Designers?

In this series kitchen designer, Cheryl Clendenon, is going to share some answers to popular questions for folks considering hiring a designer.
“My contractor can help me with all the decisions I need to make.”
Really? This might be so if you have a contractor who specializes in design/build projects or who has a designer on staff. But,with all due respect to builders all over the country, most do not have this detailed experience nor do they want to hand hold a client through the countless decisions that arise over the course of a job.
Even if your architect has detailed much of the specs on your plans ( and honestly, this does not happen all that often) there are still job site decisions that will come up.

In new construction, most builders have enough on their plate with the super structure of the home and all the associated issues. I work with some really top notch builders but they will be the first to admit they do not have the attention to interior details that I stake my reputation on. And, most do not have the staff to help you with interior furnishings and appointments.
Believe me, there are plenty of building decisions that may affect later choices on these design elements. In my opinion, the best project completions are when the builder, designer and, architect are involved together…from the start.
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photo: Cheryl Clendenon

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  • Reply
    August 24, 2009 at 9:10 pm

    I hope that means these stores will not stop carrying big lumber supplies. I’m working on a substation house renovation right now (half the house) and just bought a bunch of beams for headers, bunch of 2×4, etc, etc. HD and Lowes has always had the basic DIY stuff too for fixing things. I dont get the point of the article other than saying people arent doing major renovations anymore becuase of the economy. I would think it would be the opposite. A construction friend quoted me $25k for what Im doing and my estimations of doing it myself are about $7k. Thats a huge difference and the reason why Im doing it all myself!

    • Reply
      Charles & Hudson
      August 24, 2009 at 9:37 pm

      Home Depots margin on lumber is where the big money is so they aren’t going to stop with the lumber supplies, but its seems like they will focus more on helping consumers who have smaller diy projects. The inventory might not change but I bet they start merchandising and promoting their store content differently.

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