Craft Your Way to an Updated Home

According to the Craft & Hobby Association, March is National Craft Month. And “crafting” is a great way to DIY some of the finer aspects of your home.
Many different stores such as Joann, Michael’s, and Hobby Lobby are hosting free events, classes, and workshops at their stores, and there are a great deal of sales to be had. But you might find yourself wondering, what does this have to do with your home?
Easy. Everything!
Crafting doesn’t have to be your grandma’s knitting or your kids’ Play-Doh creations. It’s the best way to tip-toe yourself into DIY land without requiring much skill, costing too much money, or leaving a giant hole in a wall (ideally).

Most fabric stores have OODLES of upholstery fabrics, the components of pillows and cushions, patterns for curtains and slipcovers, and lots of little home decor tchotchkies. Craft stores often have large framing services, as well as large selections of do-it-yourself framing, including prints to put in the frames. They also have all kinds of vases and candle holders as well as small woodworking supplies, art paint, kids’ crafts, and great seasonal decor.
Besides the things you can purchase and just place in your home, crafting can be a great way to personalize your space in a unique way. I’m quite handy with a sewing machine, so this month you’ll be finding me collecting coupons and utilizing sales to get some long-put-off sewing projects done for my son’s room (and since he’ll be one on the 6th, it’s about time, don’t you think?) like a curtain to cover his odd-sized closet and decorative pillows for his big-boy bed and rocking chair, as well as wall art.
Of course, I know not everyone’s cut out for crafting … it does take patience and an creative mind. So if you want to participate in National Crafting Month and find some awesome and unique items for your space (both practical and non) while supporting people who love to craft, you could always check out the mecca of crafting — Etsy.
So are you going to tackle something crafty this month? Or are you just going to fire up the old browser and support a crafter with a purchase? Let us know in the comments!

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