Craftsman Oscillating Tool Review

We heart oscillating tools. The variety of uses is incredible and we consider it a must-have power tool for any amateur to serious diy enthusiast.
Craftsman has introduced a line of cordless tools one of which, the Hammerhead auto-hammer, we really loved so we came into this review with high expectations.
The oscillating tool didn’t disappoint as we found ourselves seeking projects around the house that would require the services of this tool.

Craftsman has long produced solid hand tools and their line of NEXTEC 12-volt cordless tools are just as solid. The rubbery grip will prevent it from slipping out of your hands and it seems to really soak up the vibration well so fatigue will be less of a factor.
This oscillating tool comes with 6 attachments all of which can perform various functions such as cutting, scraping, sanding, grinding, removing grout and more. The blades can also be attached at various angles which allows for the most customization and a better performing tool.
We don’t hide our love for oscillating tools and the fact that this one is also energy-star rated is also a big plus. The carrying case is convenient but the zipper attachment is a bit awkward. We do wish it also came with a second battery for those marathon sessions when just one battery doesn’t finish the job.
If you haven’t found the joy of a multi-tool it will only set you back $99 so don’t wait any longer.
+ 12 Volt battery
+ 30-minute quick charger
+ 6 accessory attachments
+ Carrying case
+ LED work light
+ Compact, ergonomic design
+ Energy Star rated
Disclaimer: Sears Craftsman provided this tool for our review under no expectations or obligations. We reserve the right to return this tool to Sears Craftsman or offer it in a future Giveaway.

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