Deck Designs Get Detailed With Deck Board Layout

deck board layout.jpg
Flooring is an important design feature in every room. And your outdoor living space is no exception. But the idea of flooring on your wood or composite deck is a little different than interior carpeting, laminate or hardwood.
With deck designs, you do have a choice of color and even size (thinner or wider boards, rounded edges, paints and stains). And don’t forget the other details in deck board layout that can really make your outdoor floor stand above the crowd.

Deck Board Direction
The direction that your deck board is installed will drastically change the look of your deck.
There’s the standard straight layout. Usually this will run parallel with the longest wall of the house, but occasionally it’s installed perpendicular. Watch out that this doesn’t make it feel like a bowling alley when you walk out of the patio door.
For a slightly dressier deck design, angled deck boards are popular. Installed on a 45 degree angle, the boards look classy and compliment any set back corners. Be prepared for more waste and likely more seams with this layout.
Herringbone is another option. Basically this is just two opposing angled deck board directions that form a “V” at a set line on the deck, often the middle or at stair for multi levels.
You can’t embellish a composite or wood deck as much as a concrete pad, but there are some details to add. Stepping stones can be built in to mimic the idea of a path. Metal plates with messages and designs can be laid into the deck board or installed on top.
Larger decks give you room to add patterns into the deck board layout that will deliver the look of an embellishment. Geometric shapes (like octagons or triangles) can be formed in strategic spots and the deck board installed around it. Fancier, rounded carpentry is also possible; it just takes a bit more time and skill.
Another easy detail to add is the picture frame look. This looks especially good in composite where you can use complimentary colors for the deck boards and the frame boards.
Whatever details you add to your deck design, make sure they match the styling on the balance of your house. And reflect your personality when you can. It is your space after all; build what’s natural, soothing and beautiful to your tastes.

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