Deck Designs that Make a Home for Your BBQ

BBQ deck designs.jpg
People love to party on the patio. Whether it’s the whole gang or just your family, enjoying food under the warm sun is a popular pastime. And the BBQ is at center stage. So why not consider deck designs that give your BBQ pride of place?
There are plenty of overhead features on the market that can shade the grill. Barbecue gazebos can be picked up at the local home improvement or patio furniture stores. Or opt for a permanent structure by installing a small roof or pergola yourself.
Keep it near the gas line just to be safe (even if you currently use propane or charcoal, natural gas may be your choice in the future).

Another clever way to make your BBQ feel at home is to design a unique grilling floor. Incorporated into your deck boards, avid grillers know that stone or tile is much more durable (not to mention easier to clean up) than wood or composite.
Ceramic tile is one option. Basically you just need to frame that section of the deck on its own – a frame within the frame so to speak. You’ll also need to install deck boards around it in a picture frame pattern. Nail a subfloor of pressure treated plywood down onto the frame and you’re ready to lay the tiles.
Choose a larger sized tile to match the scale of your deck. Make sure to use quality mortar and seal your grout well.
Any other tile will also do, as long as it’s durable and can handle outdoor temperatures.
Don’t forget to include built in fridges and sinks if you’re longing for an outdoor kitchen. Many appliance stores carry lines of built-in BBQ’s that have matching fridges (bar sized) and stainless steel sinks. If you don’t have a built-in, create a cabinet for both fridge and sink and install a tiled countertop to match the grilling floor on your deck.
With one or all of these features, your grill is more than ready for this season’s patio parties.

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