Decorate on a Dime with Sharpie Markers

Photo: Courtesy of Blog, I Am Your Father
Take a page out of Charlie Kratzer’s book–or, better yet, a picture of a wall of Kratzer’s basement, decorated entirely by line drawings sketched with Sharpie markers. Reporter Cheryl Truman lists the inclusion of several well-known cartoon characters, literary figures, notable people and artistic scenes, including Rocky and Bullwinkle, “Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte,” R2D2, Kratzer’s father, Winston Churchill and George Bernard Shaw.

Despite the enormity of the drawing, Kratzer spent only $10 on Sharpie markers. He started with a scene on a single wall, and eventually expanded to include the entire surface of his basement’s cream-colored walls. The next time you’re searching for an ingenious wall treatment, consider breaking out your own stash of the colorful, pocket-sized markers–you’ll make David Beckham proud.

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