Designing an Extraordinary Bath

Last night we attended a panel discussion at the Waterworks store in West Hollywood that was presented by Waterworks and Remodelista. The focus was Online Resources for Designing the Extraordinary Bath.
We were really hoping to come away with true resources but two of the panelists used this “discussion” to pitch their designs and offered little tangible information that I’m sure the other designers in the room were seeking in regards to online resources. They shared a bit of insight into their design process and did bring up some relevant issues in regards to the connection between design and construction.
Julie Carlson from Remodelista took us through a quick tour of their website and it’s truly remarkable how they’ve reached an online audience seeking high-touch and aspirational designs. As everyone laments the demise of high design magazines it is good to know there are independent websites willing to fill this void.
The greatest piece of insight we came away with was from Barbara Sallick the co-founder of Waterworks. She stated that although reading blogs and seeking online information while shopping for baths is a great starting point, you must see, touch and feel these products in person to get a real sense of what you are going to be using every day.

Textures and how light interacts with materials doesn’t come across online. You need to sit in a bathtub and spread your legs out and lean back and rest your head against the edge. Bathroom furniture and fixtures are very intimate and the best designers know this and design accordingly. Barbara also stressed the importance of how materials lay against each other from ceramics, tile, wood and steel. A great designer will understand this synergy.
That last bit from Barbara that we scribbled down was R.I.P. (Research, Inspiration, Price). These three considerations should be the foundation of your bath shopping experience and we couldn’t agree more.

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