DIY Maven: New Uses for Tin Ceiling Tiles

DIY Maven shares the virtues of tin ceiling tiles: Tin ceilings came to the U.S. during the Victorian era via Europe and became a popular, inexpensive alternative to decorative plasterwork. In this century, thinking of tin ceilings as an inexpensive alternative is downright laughable–considering the alternative is now Sheetrock!

If you’ve always wanted a tin ceiling but couldn’t justify the work or price of putting one in, it might be time to think about using them in a new way. The customer gallery at M-Boss proves that they aren’t just for ceilings anymore. People are using them as inlays to give facelifts to doors and cabinets. The tiles are also finding their way into kitchens as backsplashes and into living rooms as fireplace screens. These are just a few great ways to get that tin ceiling feeling without the big bankroll to fund it!

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