DIY Concrete Countertops Are Easier Than You Think

The beauty and strength of a concrete countertop can be yours with planning, some basic materials and a little patience. Create a beautiful, unique piece of art for your kitchen or bathroom with a DIY concrete countertop.
Start With the Template
A lot of the work in making concrete countertops happens in the planning stage. Make sure you make an exact template of your countertop – use cardboard or something with the same strength and flexibility.
Make your measurements twice and be sure to account for all fixtures and drains.

Your Mold is Important
Making the mold is a vital step, so don’t skimp or rush through.
DIY pros suggest a box mold made from melamine and screwed together. The smoothness of the melamine will give your countertop a nice finish and the materials are relatively inexpensive. Screwing it together makes the un-molding process easy.
Molds can also be made from foam. Intricate designs and edges can be made with polyurethane or rubber molds purchased or made at home.
Use your template to create a mold in the precise size and shape.
For a clean edge, use silicone on the inside corners of the melamine box. You want the mold to be water tight and silicone is an easy and effective solution.
Mix It Up
Source out a quality concrete mix specially formulated for countertops. Many of the brands have their own coloring methods and include quick dry chemicals inside.
When mixing, be careful not to add too much water. You want the consistency to be like lumpy oatmeal, easily passed between your hands without running through your fingers. Follow the directions on the bag exactly.
Be Patient
Follow the drying and curing times to the minute. Don’t try to rush things or you may end up with a whole lot of wasted work and materials.
Don’t polish and seal until it’s time and use the recommended methods and products to do so.
Every step of making a concrete countertop is straightforward and essential to the overall finish. Expect this project to take a good chunk of your time and patience to complete.
But then you can look forward to a gorgeous concrete countertop that will last for years.
photo: Jeremy Levine Design

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