Do Bathtubs Affect Home Resale Value?

We’ve got mixed feelings on renovating bathrooms before resale. On one hand a sharp looking countertop, tile and fixtures can certainly give a wow impression especially if the taste level and decor sensibilities are the same for the buyer but many buyers just want to know that there is a bathroom and where it’s located as they plan on renovating it themselves and don’t see added value no matter what type of remodel you do.
Trolling through HomeSavvi’s Community boards we found a conversation that covers a deeper issue, bathtub resale value. There are so many spectacular looking showerheads and fixtures but a good percentage of homeowners still really value a bathtub, especially those with kids.

The experts claim that having at least 1 bathtub in good condition in at least one of the bathrooms is the best way to maintain resale value. Some prospective homeowners may passover a home just because it doesn’t have a bathtub.

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