Domino Celebrates the 2007 Green List

Last night we attended our first “green” party in celebration of Domino’s Green March issue. It was a dreary evening in NYC but the turnout was great. The event was held in a stark open studio space with the focus on two large shelves of earth-friendly products, not to mention a bar serving organic cocktails and snacks. Totes made of recycled canvas were provided to assist you in shopping and we came away with some “green” cleaning products we’ve been looking forward to trying.
Domino has partnered with one of the leaders of the “green” movement,, and created a 2007 Green List that highlights some of the most stylish eco-products available. We hope this list becomes a regularly updated editorial feature and foresee Domino dedicating a portion of their mag to “green” products in every issue.
We also think this is the perfect opportunity to launch our own “green” feature so we’ve added a “Green” category to our list on the right where you can now find all of our posts on tools, materials, and techniques that impact our environment in a positive way.

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