Don’t Skimp on Paint Brush Quality

A strong indicator of a good paint job will be the quality of brush or roller used. You may have everything else in place (high quality paint, clean surface) but if your brushes are cheap the finished product will not have the desired result.
When shopping for brushes do these quick steps to make sure you are getting a good quality paint brush.
1. Paint brushes should be balanced and comfortable in your hand. Heavy brushes contribute to fatigue and your work will suffer.
2. Do the bristles spread out evenly when you press the brush against the palm of your hand? If you see obvious spaces then the same will happen on your wall.

3. Pull at the bristles a bit. A few may come out but if they pull in clumps then keep looking.
4. Bristle tips should have split ends and are tapered to create a tip which allows for precise cutting and trim work.
Later this week we’ll cover the choice between natural and synthetic bristles as well as roller naps.

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