Drywall Repair

We listened to Bob Vila when it came to repairing drywall and now we’ve compiled our own list of how-to repair drywall, sheetrock, wallboard, or whatever you call it, as well as a couple how-to videos.
Drywall Repair [Popular Mechanics]
Fix a Drywall Hole [Howstuffworks]
Rock-It Drywall Repair Clips
Repair Drywall – video [Expert Village]
Patch Sheetrock – video [Expert Village]
more from Charles and Hudson

Drywall Dilemna
Taping Drywall Joints
Repairing Drywall
Drywall Gypsum

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  • Marc Cohn

    Are there any environmentally friendly drywall alternatives?

  • Cathy

    How do those rockit clips work? Any recommendations?

  • David

    When I was pulling off my baseboards it peeled some of the paper up on the drwall wall. What is the best way tp fix that.

  • Timothy

    Hi David,
    You should try some drywall tape. Either mesh or paper to repair the drywall that has peeled off.

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    Kenny Surtani

  • Lew

    I have a fist sized hole in one wall and a large crack and slight dent in in another wall.
    What would be the best way to go about fixing these issues?