Dudley Do-Rights on the DIY Network

This article from the New York Times seems like an advertorial for the DIY Network. But it’s neither complimentary or negative on the programming. The writer simply sits down to 24 hours of the DIY Network and makes a few observations. The key one being:

Most of the male hosts on DIY seemed interchangeable. As straight arrow as Dudley Do-Right, they wore the same work shirts, grew the same out-of-date mustaches and laughed easily at nothing in particular. Partly out of desperation DIY has matched some of them with female partners.
We agree with this to some extent but I wish they would have picked their favorite one or two shows and done a bit more research on those. This article leaves me ambivalent towards the DIY Network which shouldn’t be so considering how much great programming they do have.
If I Had a Hammer, I Wouldn’t Watch TV [NY Times]

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