Easy-to-Make Glass Ball Chandelier

I can’t get over how easy and amazing this do-it-yourself chandelier was that Small Notebook created – for only $70. They got the idea from the smart folks at Readymade.
Here’s what you need:
18 4-inch glass bubble balls from CB2 ($2 each)
4 cord sets from IKEA ($4 each)
20 gauge floral wire ($1)
fishing line ($1)
galvanized electrical conduit and fittings ($12)
4 25-watt clear bulbs ($1 each)
1. Use scissors to cut the floral wire into 1.5″ lengths, and then bend a small loop.
2. Tie fishing line through the wire loop, and push it into the hole in the glass ball so it’s ready to hang.

3. The cords run through the pipe and join at the top. If the light is off-center over your table, you can extend it as far as you need.
4. You can see how the lamp cords come out the bottom. Start tying the glass balls to the end of the pipe.
5. Keep adding more until you think you have enough. The more, the merrier!
Tips taken from Small Notebook’s awesome blog. I also love their stacked wood mantel project!

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