Easy Kitchen Upgrade with Countertop Paint

While perusing my friendly local DIY center mail insert a few weeks back, in a tiny corner of the back-most page which touted easy kitchen projects, I spotted something I’d never heard of before.
Besides your usual paint for walls, I know of paint for tile, paint for floors, and paint for metal. But paint for countertops? Apparently, Rustoleum has created a paint for laminate kitchen countertops (and laminate furniture/cabinets) that, according to the product website, is smooth and scratch-resistant; contains anti-microbial guards; is washable as well as moisture and chemical resistant; is tintable in 16 shades; and requires no primer.

rustoleum-countertop-paint-kitchen.jpgThis first caught my eye because my kitchen countertops, despite being quite new, are just not pretty. When we moved into our house, the kitchen was a dusty rose color with pink and beige laminate floors, matching countertops, and honey-colored wooden cabinets. A lot of paint and some peel-and-stick tile later, my kitchen is now lime green, taxicab yellow and grape with black and white checkered floors and black painted cabinets. But my pinky-beige countertops remain, and they are an eyesore. Being a young family, we can’t afford to replace countertops just because they don’t match the design aesthetic, especially since there’s nothing wrong with them. So the idea of being able to slap some paint onto the final surface of my kitchen that’s been left unaddressed? Sounds pretty awesome to me.
Second, since we often have a miniscule budget to work with, I’ve looked into painting laminate furniture before. I have an unhealthy love for a big-box Swedish retailer, and some of my older items around my home could use some sprucing up. So I have spent many a naptime researching how to paint laminate furniture and the concept of not needing endless cycles of sanding and priming to just maybe get a quasi-even coat of paint on something seems beyond comprehension. Most of the advice I read basically said it was easier to buy new laminate furniture than try to paint it. Dream of inexpensively getting the effects I want efficiently killed.
But now, reading over the label, I have hope that my seemingly impossible dreams of new countertops and re-purposed furniture may yet reach fruition. It says this product can also be used on vinyl tiles, wood, and metal, although it is not recommended for floors (and the wood and metal indeed need primer). The usual painting standards apply for things like weather conditions and proper ventilation, though it does say it needs three days to properly cure, which could be inconvenient at best when living in the space you’re working on. It also suggests using a foam roller for as much as possible and says you’ll need xylene to thin it (if necessary) and to clean any painting utensils used. A one-quart container is said to cover 25 linear feet of an “average” countertop, so some math will be required to figure out exactly how much you’d need for your specific project. As per my local ad, at a price of roughly $20 per can, this appears to be a fairly easy and inexpensive way to change the look of many a difficult surface in a home. Anyone out there tried this product yet and have advice or pictures to share? I’m dying to know how it truly pans out.

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