Eco-Friendly Disenfectants from CleanWell & Seventh Generation

seventh-generation-cleanwel.jpgAs was already pointed out in another post, there are many new eco-friendly, naturally-based household cleaners appearing in your local grocery and home improvement stores. One of these brands, Seventh Generation, is one of my household’s absolute favorites.
From their bleach-free laundry products to their recycled paper and plastic goods to their AWESOME baby diapers and wipes, Seventh Generation has become a well-loved and trusted brand in these parts.
So naturally, when I find something I love, I e-stalk it. I become a fan of the Facebook page, I follow the Twitter stream, and I sign up for emails. It should be noted that these are all ways to find out about great sales and be privy to online coupons that make changing your household products to green ones all the more simple and nicer on your wallet. But I digress.
The only thing that I (and many others trying to convert) struggled with concerning green cleaners was that there was a marked lack of anti-bacterial and disinfecting products that are eco-friendly.
I’ve seen hand sanitizer claiming to be organic, but in the realms of hard-core cleaning materials there just weren’t products meant to sanitize your home as well as clean it without harsh chemicals and fumes.
Until now.

In one of their ever-informative emails, Seventh Generation revealed that they have partnered with CleanWell, another eco-friendly cleaning products company that uses a derivative of the basic herb thyme to create an anti-bacterial cleaning agent claiming to kill 99.99% of germs on whatever surface you’re cleaning.
I had previously heard of CleanWell when my mom bought a couple versions of their hand soap – she was wary that most of the eco-friendly brands didn’t have a disinfecting aspect to them, but she wanted to be more environmentally conscious with the products in her home (a side-effect from having an eco-conscious to a fault daughter, I presume).
I’ve used them while visiting, and the only complaint I had was that the essential oils used to scent them were a little strong – however I used the soap to wash my glasses of baby fingerprints, so it could have just been the smell being so close to my face that made it overwhelming. But my mom loved the Spearmint Lime and Ginger Bergamot, and when not on my face, they were quite pleasant.
And now, that thymol-technology is available through Seventh Generation in the form of disinfecting wipes, disinfecting multi-surface cleaner, and disinfecting bathroom cleaner in a lemongrass thyme flavor.
To which I have to say, FINALLY, and thank you to SeventhGen and CleanWell for giving an eco-friendly mama a little more peace of mind after she watches her baby try to lick the toilet for the umpteenth time. I can’t wait to get my hands on these products and add them to my growing army of eco-friendly household items.

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