Energy Efficient & Private: Between-Glass Blinds

We had the pleasure of chatting with Rafael from Coast Door & Hardware this morning. He walked us through some window blind options as we are doing some investigating for the parents who are building a new home in Las Vegas. It’s a prairie home with very large windows throughout but instead of using window treatments or conventional blinds, both of which would detract from the wood inlay window surround, they’re considering between-glass blinds that are enclosed and can be raised and lowered individually.

Rafael showed us the options from Eagle Window. One drawback is the glass cannot be glazed for energy-efficiency as the blinds would rub against it but by placing the blinds within the glass they are away from dust and dirt and when closed are energy-efficient and provide the ultimate in privacy. We were hoping to see an automated or motorized version of these but apparently they only offer this using manual cords. On the doors the cord is a bit unsightly but on the windows they are much sleeker.

We’ve also heard that Pella offers a between-the-glass blinds option and would like to check that out in person as well. If anyone has any experience with either type of shade or blind let us know.

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