Enso Zero-VOC paint from Dunn-Edwards debuts at 2010 Builders’ Show

Dunn-Edwards was showing at the 2010 Builders’ Show in a big way as their new line of low-odor, zero-VOC paint called Enso was debuting and was used to paint the interior of the 2010 NextGen Home on display at the Builders’ Show. Thinking back to when we toured the NextGen home there was no discernible paint smell which would be uncommon for a home that had just been painted within 36 hours.
We spoke to Lucy Baker of Dunn-Edwards who claims that Enso is the first zero-VOC premium quality paint to hit the market. She said that this paint makes no concessions in quality and compares favorably to every other premium paint line out there.
The green and low-odor benefits work favorably in homes, hotels, schools, and hospitals.
According to the NextGen home website:
Enso uses a new resin technology that allows for a harder surface than that of many low odor products, and it achieves this hardness without using organic solvents. It is easy to apply and has excellent flow and leveling for a smooth finish. It also offers great hide, so fewer coats are needed, and provides excellent washability.

With its extremely low odor, Enso will redefine the painting of occupied rooms. “There are so many situations in public spaces and residences where fresh paint can be distracting, so a very low odor paint is needed to address the range of individual sensitivities in occupied spaces,” says Brad Wheeler, product manager. “Now you don’t have to choose between high performance and low odor.” Enso is available in a primer and in flat, eggshell and semi-gloss finishes. Enso also comes in a full range of light to dark colors.
Enso’s introduction is part of Dunn-Edwards’ ongoing commitment to develop high-performance products that are eco-friendly. Like all Dunn-Edwards paints, Enso does not contain ethylene glycol (EG). Dunn-Edwards removed EG from its paint formulas in 1984 and remains the only major manufacturer to have done so. EG, which is listed as a hazardous air pollutant and toxic air contaminant, can be harmful to humans.

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