Essential Safety Products for the Backyard Pool

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Don’t forget safety when thinking about a backyard pool. Install it the right way and enjoy your oasis with peace of mind (and no liability).
A fence is almost always necessary with any backyard pool over 24″ deep. If you install an above ground and have a non-climbable railing completely surrounding it, you won’t need a fence. Otherwise, count on it being necessary.
A lockable gate is also going to be essential for pool safety. Look for products specially made for pools that have lock mechanisms built right in. Some states and municipalities also require a gate to be self-closing.

Meet Code on the Design
Make sure your fence is the proper height and design. Check your local building codes for the minimum requirements, but most need to be at least 5 feet high and non-climbable.
To be considered non-climbable simply means a fence design has a minimum space between the horizontal rails (usually 4 feet) and a maximum space between the vertical fence boards or pickets (somewhere around 2.5 – 3 inches).
Stairs and Covers
Make sure any stairs leading to the pool have wide, non-skid runs. Keep the rises fairly low as well for easy climbing and good pool safety.
Pool covers are another must for safety. Made of strong mesh and attached directly to your in-ground pool decking, these are handy for protection in the off season.
Other than the usual floating devices, there are some built in pool safety features that every backyard pool needs. Install a solid fence that meets the building code, use a lockable gate and invest in a pool safety cover.
Then get ready to dive into relaxation, now that the safety is looked after.
photo courtesy of SXC/tatlin

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