eXapath In-Wall New Media Cabling System

If you’re a regular reader of this blog you’ll know that we are big-time advocates of Twitter. It’s been an incredible channel to share, meet and learn from our readers, friends and industry folks.
One such industry contact that we’ve taken notice too is Mike Hines of eXapath. Mike is the co-founder of Homepath Products which promotes eXapath, an in-wall media cable routing system.
Traditional home wiring consists of power for lighting and outlets and phone lines. With the proliferation of broadband home computing and home theater, homeowners must pay for expensive retrofitting and also make choices based on how far cables can reach after a wall is already up.
By installing an eXapath in-wall cabling system you can run all of your new media cables such as ethernet and HDMI in wall channels throughout the house.

Here’s a quick video of the process.

Make sure your contractor understands your power and media requirements and if you live in a home that requires flexibility and the latest in technology then you should consider eXapath during your build.

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