Firepit Fanatics


Firepits bring an instant sense of community to any outdoor area. Maybe its our primitive impulse to sit around an open flame and take refuge in it’s warmth and safety, or we may just seek an excuse to talk to each other instead of sitting around the TV. Whatever your motivation you can find a firepit to fit the needs of your backyard landscape as well as your families outdoor habits.

The easiest firepits to setup and install are portable types that come in many variations. But portable firepits are limited by the amount of fuel they can burn and require more maintenance during use. The other alternative is the built-in firepit which is fed by a natural-gas line. Not to be confused with outdoor fireplaces which are also great upgrades for patio areas, firepits allow people to gather on all sides and maintain face-to-face conversations which aid in the community feel. Open firepits also require no chimneys or flumes.

Our friend who lives in the ever-expanding city of Mesa, AZ, recently installed his own built-in firepit during a backyard landscaping renovation. He initially installed a dual-ring burner which he thought would provide the most flames but instead gave him a bunch of “bic lighters”. He then opted for one ring that kept the gas pressure up and allowed the flames to reach his ideal height.


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