Fix a Hole in the Ceiling

A reader sent in this photo of a hole in their kitchen ceiling which they recently patched with duct tape. Obviously the duct tape won’t due and it looks like there could be further water damage around the hole.
If it’s a plaster ceiling here are some steps to fix it.

1. Score around the hole with a utility knife to where the plaster is solid and remove.
2. Clean out from in between the lathe boards get rid of any loose dust or plaster.Shop vac paint, brush,ect.
3. Bond the lathe and plaster edge with bonding agent.
4. Mix up some stucto lite plaster or gypso lite(home depot)
5. Put enough in the hole to squeeze into the lathe but dont fill the hole completely yet.Scratch it with the corner of your trowel to make keys for the second coat and let it set.
6. Mix up some more base coat and fill in the hole and slick it off with something so its flat.Let it set
7. Apply finish as it sets trowel until smooth(youll want a paint brush and water to wet the finish when troweling )
8. Wait a week or to so everything dries and prime and paint
9. Done!!! The gypsum based base coat set in about 3 hrs.
Good Luck!

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