Follow a Brownstone Renovation in the Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal is one of my favorite papers and this goes beyond their outstanding business news. If you dig a little deeper you’ll find some of the greatest coverage of art, science, fashion and home related stories that you would read anywhere and with newspapers and original reporting becoming more scarce the WSJ is a must-read.
I always peruse the Real Estate/Home Garden sections and they’ve recently launched a series called Brownstone Diary which will follow the gut renovation of a Harlem Brownstone by a couple who have two kids and both work full-time. She (Julia Angwin) is the senior technology editor for the Journal and it seems the couple has very limited experience in the process of remodeling a home.
We will be following along what should prove to be an interesting journey.
The place needs a complete overhaul: new electrical, new plumbing, new roof, new windows, new floors and all new appliances and cabinetry.

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