Get Your Construction Permit for These Home Improvement Projects

You may have the greatest addition/remodel planned for your home but did you remember to get the proper permits from either the city, county, HOA or all 3?
Before you setup your application make sure you aren’t wasting time on getting approved for a project that doesn’t need approval. Typically a construction permit is not needed for wallpapering, painting or finish work (unless your house is in a historical district or the HOA requires); fences under a certain height; plumbing, mechanical and electrical work, replacement or repair of fixtures (such as changing water faucets or replacing switches) does not normally require a permit.
In many cases, a permit is needed for repair or replacement of existing fixtures, such as replacing windows. A plumbing, electrical or mechanical permit maybe needed for any addition or changes to a building’s existing system; for example, moving or adding an electrical outlet requires a permit. Replacing a water heater or adding a permanently wired light fixture may, require a permit. Changes to your driveway or walkway may also require a permit as it is altering the cosmetic look of your home.

Not all permits are the same. You may need to inquire from several different agencies depending on the work involved. Make sure you give yourself enough time to setup these permits as appointments from inspectors may need to be scheduled and all of this can cut into your budget if you’ve already started the project. In most cases a schematic or drawing will be required of your project and some agencies ask for this to be done by a structural engineer but many times a well drawn out plan will suffice if it contains all of the necessary elements of your project.

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