Gizmos and Gadgets From the International Housewares Show

The 2010 International Housewares show is wrapping up in Chicago. I wasn’t able to attend this year, but I did get some glimpses of amazing new kitchen gadgets on Good Morning America.
First up, the Zyliss Champagne opener. Safety first my friends, especially when drinking. This takes seconds to hook the tip through the foil cover in the wire eye, pivot the device back to break the wire (no need to independently cut the foil), squeeze the walnut cracker-like clamp around the cork, and wiggle a few times until you hear the anticipated “pop!”

An item that I am over-the-moon excited about is the Babycakes cupcake maker. It looks like a pink Foreman grill that produces eight mini cupcakes in eight minutes. On second thought, this might be a bad idea for me to own.
And then there’s the food pod. I sense that this will be big in the blogosphere, if it isn’t already. You fill the pod with any items you want to boil. The handle perks up and protrudes from the pot when your food is done, and you pull it out. You can boil a dozen eggs in one pod. Plus, it’s safer to handle that transporting a pot of boiling water to the sink and into a colander.
To see more cool kitchen gadgets, watch the video from the show.
Photo: Fusion Brands

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