Glidden Paint Introduces a New Formula

Glidden paint recently launched an improved formula that maintains a high quality but also keeps Glidden at a more affordable price point. A gallon of Glidden costs $16-$24 dollars and they feel it’s comparable to $50 gallon paint. They are so confident that they sent us a full press kit with everything we need to compare Glidden with other paints.
We’ll report back on our findings in a comparison test but we immediately liked the larger color chips that make it much easier to compare colors and visually gain a sense of how it will reflect light as well as feel to the touch. Their new lineup is a bit scaled back at 282 colors but that seems like a large enough palette for most people.

You can find Glidden paint at Home Depot and they have ready-to-go testers with built-in brushes for $2.97 which isn’t much of an investment to take home and try out for yourself.
They’ve also included a helpful fact-sheet of five-key characteristics of a quality interior paint.

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