Glossy Garage Floors

The easiest way to give your garage a finished and professional look is by improving the floor surface. Typically garage floors are unfinished slabs of concrete with possibly a clear coat that offers mild protection form oil and dirt. Many homeowners now want a sharper look that can showcase their workshop or the car they are working on.
We found this interesting article about applying wet sealer over an epoxy base to. The folks at BEHR recommend waiting 14 days after applying the sealer before driving on the floor. This may prevent the “hot tire lift” that some homeowners are experiencing with this product as they are only waiting 7-8 days.
Steve from Waxing Philosophical used Epoxy Kote from ipaint and added polymer paint flakes to give his floor even more depth and texture. He hasn’t suffered from “hot tire lift” and the floor came out great. Continue for photos.


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