Go Big on Your Patio

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Patios are personal things. You’ll probably spend time out there in your robe and PJ’s. You might have romantic meetings on the patio or entertain important people. There’s bound to be tons of memories played out on the surface of your patio.
So you need that patio surface to reflect who you are, right?
We’re not talking about a mirrored patio (although some people might like that, imagine the view). What you need is a design that will spell comfort while making a statement. The big rocks of the patio world do that fabulously.

Flagstone patios are a favorite. Rugged edges that piece together like a shattered jigsaw have a casual but classy feel. The mottled colors of nature are unbeatable and become a one of a kind work of art under your toes.
There is something raw and primal about flagstone, yet it still feels safe, comfy and warm in your backyard. If you want to impress, flagstone patios are the way to go.
Slate is another large scale stone that works on the patio. Again, the uneven and unpredictable colors make for something completely unique in every yard. Some dealers have colored slate as well, for those of you who must have color coordination.
Slate has the same ruggedness of flagstone, with a slightly more linear feel. It’s commonly cut into large squares or rectangles to cover your patio and works well as a border too.
Sandstone is another gorgeous choice and offers a lighter, brighter finish than the traditionally dark flagstone.
All of these stones can be installed with a natural finish or a polished shine. It’s a good idea to visit a quarry or patio stone dealer. Touch the stone, walk on a sample in your bare feet if possible. Get a true feel for it before you choose which one to bring home.
Patios are personal, remember. Get personal with your choice of patio stone.
Go big on your patio for drama, comfort and a truly impressive finish. Your private oasis will never look better.
photo courtesy of Kristin Smith – sxc/klsmith77

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