Great Gift Challenge: Hideaway Hitch-Safe

In the first Great Gift Challenge we went with two gardening items that any green thumb could use, a gardening apron and knee pads. Simple accessories that make your time in the garden much more enjoyable.
With the holidays approaching and travel likely we need to make sure our homes are protected and that we’re discreet with our online identities.
eBay not only has a large selection of home and garden equipment, they also a tremendous amount of depth when it comes to their home security options. From full-blown security systems, cameras, motion-detectors and safes, you can find anything to protect your property.
martha-stewart-ebay.gifFor our second gift Martha Stewart and eBay set a price point of $75 and we decided to go with a simple yet extremely useful home security tool, a safe. But this safe doesn’t fit in a wall behind a photo or get stuffed in a closet. This Hitch-Safe hides valuables within the space of your 2″ hitch receiver that’s attached to your car or truck. It will hold keys, cash, credit cards and whatever else you feel the need to conceal. It opens with a combination which is concealed by a black rubber dust-cover so curious eyes won’t be tempted.
Instead of hiding a house key under the mat or in a fake rock or even trusting a neighbor we feel most comfortable keeping the key secured to our truck which in LA we take with us everywhere. It also doubles as a nice compartment to store our car key when we hit the surf and don’t want to risk losing it in the water.
We highly suggest entering the Great Gift Challenge from Martha Stewart and give yourself a chance to win $1,000 eBay gift certificate which will buy you a lot of home security or maybe something else. When entering be sure to select “Martha’s Circle” so they know you came from your favorite blog!

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