Green Protective Floor Coverings from the 2010 Builders’ Show

At this years Builders’ Show we came across two floor protection materials that both claim to be green products but take two entirely different ways of achieving this.
The Cover Guard temporary floor protection mats are made for use on high end surfaces and finishes such as tile, terrazzo, stone, hardwoods and marble. It’s flame retardant, waterproof and resistant to various chemicals, paints and debris. It is available in various thickness from 6 to 40 mil and is easy to install and remove.
It was originally used on boats to protect decks while work was being done and anyone who has been around boats knows that fire is the number one concern and these Cover Guard mats were trusted to protect and not be a fire hazard. The diamond plate also makes it more slip resistant but it is available in a smooth finish. This polyethylene product is also fully recyclable.
The other protective floor covering that caught our eye was Ram Board. It also protects surfaces but is made of 100% recycled fibers (cardboard, paper, ply-fibers, and reinforcers), which makes it 100% recyclable and if used will add 2 LEED points to your green building project. There are no claims to being fire retardant but you don’t get more green than this product as it’s end to end use has no environmental impact.

If fire protection is a concern than the Cover Guard is your only choice but if you want a green compliant product the Ram Board fits the bill and the feeling of recycled natural fibers is much more appealing.

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