Green Weed Killers

Ah, spring. When everything starts to bloom, even those pesky weeds. Let’s kill them with kindness via CasaSugar’s eco-friendly tips:
1.Take a pitcher of hot water and pour it all over the plants you want to kill, which results in boiling them to their death. (Does anyone know if this will definitely keep them down and out though?)
2.If you’ve got a more expansive area to deal with — say you’re planting a garden bed in an area that was once all weed growth — cover the grass with a thick tarp, shopping bags, or even a canvas dropcloth. This will prevent the plants from getting the access to the sun that they need, so they will eventually die.
3.Douse weeds with lemon juice and they’ll shrivel with a day or two.

4. Pour cheap white vinegar over your weeds. The acidic liquid will send ’em to the graveyard.
What works in your garden? We’d love some more eco-friendly tips!
photo: John Tann

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