Green with Envy: Six Sensational Spring Paint Colors

Saint Patrick’s Day kicks off the season with an infusion of green. But don’t limit yourself to a token pair of green underwear. Instead, fully immerse yourself in a soothing, cheerful space. You’ll not only avoid a pinch, you’ll be the envy of all your friends.
1. Spring Leaves by Dunn Edwards – I’m always intrigued by a color that defies an easy description. The hue my friends chose for their kids’ bathroom had me stumbling for the correct words. With its hints of blue and a retro feel, the color had the nuanced appearance of a copper patina.
2. Once Upon A Time by Benjamin Moore – I saw a pair of patent heels in this vibrant green color some years ago and I’m still mad at myself for not buying them. If shoes can elicit that much desire, imagine what a whole room can do.

3. Grass by Serena & Lily – Like the name suggests, the color conjures up visions of children playing on fresh cut lawns. Quite simply, it is the signature color of spring.
4. Minty Fresh by Mythic Paint for Land of Nod – Not only is this light, crisp green paint easy on the eyes, it is also a breath of fresh air…literally. Every can of Mythic Paint is non-toxic, VOC-free, and virtually odorless.
5. Chartreuse by Dunn Edwards – This yellowish-green paint color draws its name from the French liqueur flavored with plant extracts. Like the drink, this color may not go down easy for some, but I love its in-your-face boldness.
6. Bayberry Green by Milk Paint – A classic olive green color doesn’t immediately evoke images of spring. But when this earth-friendly paint is paired with shades of pink, it transforms from traditional to tempting.
* Remember – Colors on the computer monitor can look completely different than they do on the wall. It’s always best to get a sample and try it in your space under different lighting conditions.

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