Green Your Furniture Without Breaking the Bank

If you’ve ever looked for green furniture, you’ll notice that the environmentally friendlier pieces tend to come with a pretty high price tag, probably because green products are still a relatively new phenomenon. Below are some tips that have been adopted from that can help you find sustainable ways to furnish your abode and stay within your budget
1. Look for furniture made with sustainable wood. Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and its largest forest certifier, the Rainforest Alliance, is the most widely used standard for sustainable forestry.
2. Look for furniture made with reclaimed materials. Or remake furniture yourself if you feel especially ambitious and want to really stay on track with a tight budget. Materials like wood, metal and plastic can be combined and reused to make all sort of furniture, from chairs to tables.
3. Look for cardboard furniture. It comes in kits and can be easily assembled and disassembled and then recycled when its lifespan is complete
4. Buy local vintage, thrift store and repurposed. Look at your local thrift stores or ads on freecycle sites, etc to find furniture that you can easily repair or clean up and won’t have to travel too far to your home to be made useful.

If your budget is bigger, you can explore green designers and make sure that nothing contains toxins or materials that harm the environment in any way. A Google search can help you. And no matter what furniture you have, make sure you pay it forward when it outlives its time in your home.

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