Grow Your Own Pizza Garden

Although “pizza” and “gardening” aren’t always in the same category, Better Homes & Garden touched on a great way to convince people to test our their green thumb – for the sake of fresh pizza toppings!
Using a 6×4 foot space in full sun, the editors grew the plants in raised beds with some topsoil and compost. They’ve offered tips for growing everything from oregano to jalapeno peppers along with pizza recipes for each. They’ve even come up with a clever pizza garden grid
I especially liked their tips on growing tomatoes.

It’s helpful to water your tomatoes with a soaker hose or drip irrigation instead of with a sprinkler or spray nozzle on your garden hose, since wet foliage can cause disease in your tomato plants. If you have to water from the top of the plant, do so before noon so the leaves have plenty of time to dry before temperatures cool down at night.
Now if only mozzarella grew on trees, I’d be all set.
Photo: Better Homes & Garden

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