Harvest Your Own Rainwater with the Rainwater Pillow from 2010 Builders’ Show

With all of the rain we’ve been getting in Southern California it would be amazing to put that water to use instead of continuing to draw on finite resources that come from reservoirs which as everyone knows are quickly receding.
The Rainwater Pillow is an ingenious product that allows you to collect rainwater runoff from your roof and store it in a “pillow” located in the crawlspace below your home. This stored rainwater can then be used to irrigate your garden which.
Details include:

+ Rainwater Pillow comes as a kit that includes the pillow, filter, pump, remote control and all fittings fully automated and easy to use.
+ Harvest from 1,000 to 40,000 gallons of rainwater. Store in wasted space such as a crawlspace, greenhouse, under deck area or under your porch. Custom size pillows can be manufactured to fit your available space.
+ Pillows are made from durable, heavy duty, industrial strength fabric commonly used by the military. A woven polyester scrim that is coated on both sides with a polymer alloy is the foundation to the material’s strength, stability, and durability. Historical use and lab testing shows UV resistance of 20 + years. Review the material’s case history.
+ Collect, filter and store rainwater for use in your garden hoses, standard sprinklers, drip irrigation systems, flush your toilets, etc. You can even use it to wash your car!

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